EDIE Training

Develop a greater understanding of dementia from the perspective of a person with dementia and their carer through EDIE, the Educational Dementia Immersive Experience.

Enabling EDIE Interactive Training

This serious game technology uses VR Gear (Virtual Reality goggles) to allow users to explore a moment in time as Edie, who has a diagnosis of dementia. You will face the difficulties experienced by Edie as he undertakes simple activities of daily living.

The program will explore what it may feel like to experience dementia, care for someone living with dementia and to work in partnership with the person living with dementia and their carer in identifying support needs and developing a support plan that enables Edie and his wife to live more confidently with dementia.

Suitable for staff working with people living with dementia and their carers

Duration : 3 hours

In this 3-hour training, you will develop a greater understanding of:

  • A consumer perspective on dementia;
  • Considerations for dementia support including individual and diverse needs;
  • How changes in communication, behaviour and environment can benefit a person living with dementia;
  • How to identify support needs in collaboration with the client and their caregivers;
  • How to develop a dementia support plan designed to enable a person to live more confidently with dementia.

The training is divided in three parts:

First, experience a virtual reality where you are confronted with the “wrong scenario,” meaning the environment Edie is currently living in, one not suited to his needs;

Then, participate in a discussion on the person-centred approach, for the identification of changes that could be made to your environment to significantly improve the lives of people with dementia (such as better communication, signage, understanding of needs, etc.). We will also help develop simple but effective strategies for your care teams;

Finally, relive the virtual reality experience, but this time being introduced to the “good scenario,” where appropriate changes have been made to Edie’s environment.

“I felt like I was the one with dementia. It was truly eye opening to see how we can change basic things to allow people with dementia to be more independent and to feel purpose. It was a wonderful presentation, and it gave me many wonderful new ideas.”

Here is what you must provide:

  • A room (with tables and chairs) that can accommodate 16 people;
  • A white board;
  • A screen or a white wall to project a PowerPoint presentation.

We will bring our own projector and all the technical equipment required to offer the complete virtual reality experience to every member of your group. Please inform us if you have an interactive multimedia room.

Developed by Dementia Australia, the Enabling EDIE trainings are offered in Canada exclusively by CDS Boutique.

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