Scents and Sort Match-Up kit



Your seniors will love using their sense of smell with this Scent and Sort Match-Up kit!

Featuring 30 cards and 30 fragrances divided into 6 different families, this set is perfect for stimulating your residents’ senses. Fruit, flowers, spices, etc. There’s something for everyone!

Made of glycerine, sugar, and artificial fragrance, these small jars contain common smells that you may have encountered in your daily life.

Our sense of smell is unique and directly connected to the brain. That’s why a particular smell can often trigger a memory of a moment or event in your life. Encouraging the residents to participate in this activity can be a great way to start reminiscing.

This kit is designed to help you organize a variety of activities. For instance, you can ask your residents to associate a particular scent with a numbered card. Once they have completed this task, you can then ask them to associate a smell with a card without revealing the corresponding numbers.

Encourage your residents to express themselves by asking them to smell and describe what they perceive in a non-failure activity.

Tips :

  • If you’ve been smelling different fragrances for a while and they all start to smell alike, it’s likely because you’ve been exposed to too many scents. To reset your sense of smell, you can sniff some coffee beans. 
  • If you’re concerned about your residents accidentally ingesting the contents of a jar, you can use one of the cloth protectors provided to cover the contents of the jar.

Contains :

  • An advice and instruction sheet (written in English only)
  • 30 picture cards (numbered on the front and unnumbered on the back)
  • 30 scented jars.
  • Fabric protection.


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