Proverbs & Songs Volume 2″ Reminiscence Bingo



A group activity for your residents with memory deficits.

Because the rhythm of songs and proverbs makes it much easier for people with memory problems to remember, we have created a second series of familiar songs and common advice that your residents will have a lot of pleasure to remember, sing or recite.

The purpose of this great activity is to enable all your residents to have fun playing bingo while stimulating their long term memory, using their fine motor skills and practicing their reading skills. This game can be played with 3 to 6 Alzheimer’s residents and one activity professional. As far as reading skills are concerned, we suggest that you read our recommendations in the ”Reading Clubs” category.

Invite 3 to 6 persons to sit around a table. Give each participant 3 or 4 adapted bingo cards. These cards contain only one word that provides the answer to a question asked by the activity professional. For example, the staff member will say: “Complete the song : And I think to myself, what a wonderful : …” With the help of all participants, sing the song and discuss it. Then, the participant with the ”World” card will turn it down and place it in front of him. If the task is too difficult for him, everybody can help him do it. If you wish to have a winner, you can decide that the first one to have turned down all of his bingo cards wins. Each question is written on an 8½” X 11” laminated cardboard card that you can show to everyone while you read the question aloud.

Each adapted bingo card is 3” X 10” and is printed with very large letters (black on white) for maximum readability. Two different games can be played, with themes that we are sure will please your residents.

This idea was developed by the Myers Research Institute and has been tested and appreciated by hundreds of residents with dementia. We have adapted it with Canadian content.

The game includes everything you need to play a great game of word finding and reminiscing with 3 to 6 participants : 24 question cards that ask your participants to complete a song, a saying or a proverb that they will recall from their procedural memories. 24 bingo cards with very large letters complete this set. Comes with a very practical plastic envelope for handy storage.

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