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inmu, a versatile interactive cushion to support your residents in everyday challenges.

Seniors living in residences react differently to daily challenges, due to their own degree of tolerance and the baggage of experiences they bring with them from their previous lives. Among the many challenges they face in these environments are a lack of autonomy, a chaotic environment, isolation, “imposed” grouping, passivity and a feeling of being misunderstood. A thousand and one challenges that are often beyond their control.

And this is where the magic of inmu comes in.

inmu is an intuitive multi-sensory cushion that transforms movements into music and gentle vibrations the instant it is lifted, allowing the senior to reconnect with what’s essential. One of inmu’s greatest powers is its versatility of use. You’ll find in this cushion a therapeutic tool to support your residents in a multitude of daily activities.


inmuRELAX and inmuJOY

Inmu’s soothing vibrations and gentle music reduce sleep-related frustrations and promote relaxation to provide quality sleep.



inmu’s sensory stimulation elements are perfect for gently diverting a patient’s attention and calming them during caregiving.


inmuRELAX and inmuJOY

inmu is a great tool for preventing stress or agitation in residents, as it allows them to channel excess emotion and stay grounded to something concrete.


inmuDANCE and inmuRHYTHM

The intriguing and versatile aspect of inmu will attract the attention of your residents and be at the center of beautiful shared moments of discovery, exchange and listening.


inmuDANCE, inmuRHYTHM, inmuJOY and inmuRELAX

The magical sound reward offered by inmu with each movement motivates residents to move, whether sitting, standing or lying down.


inmuDANCE, inmuRHYTHM, inmuJOY and inmuRELAX

When words are less accessible, inmu is a good tool for stimulating conversation and establishing effective contact with less verbal residents.

1. Sleep

Falling asleep to the gentle rhythm of inmu

Sleep quality is known to have a major impact on the physical and mental health of the seniors, and so, on how their day unfolds. Indeed, many studies suggest that insufficient or poor-quality sleep will have devastating impacts on quality of life, mood, risk of depression, increased anxiety responses, cardio-metabolic diseases, blood pressure, cognitive disorders and more.

By incorporating inmu into the bedtime routine, you can help your residents who have difficulty falling asleep to find a peaceful night’s rest. The soothing vibrations and gentle music of inmu create an environment and state of mind conducive to relaxation and restful sleep.

Integrating inmu into the sleep routine can have several positive effects, as:

  • Reduced frustration with sleep routine;
  • Improved sleep quality;
  • Improved daily temperament;
  • Improved physical and mental health.

2. Care

Redirecting attention to the inmu’s soothing experience

Caregiving is an experience that requires a great sense of letting go, which is not always easy for the residents… and even less so for those with cognitive impairments. Indeed, although well-intentioned, the provision of care can be intrusive for a resident, and may indirectly remind them that their autonomy is diminishing.

By adding inmu to the care process, you can provide your residents with a more soothing experience through the music and gentle vibrations that will not only calm them down, but also divert their attention from the less pleasant situation at hand. Moreover, this tool acts as a double benefit, as it rebalances the senior’s state of being and entertains him, as well as leaving the field free for the staff to provide care.

The addition of inmu in care prodigation can have the following advantages:

  • Create a safe space to reduce anxiety about care;
  • Limit emotional escalation;
  • Distract the resident and redirect focus;
  • Make caregiving easier for staff.

3. Relaxation

A reconnection to essentials signed inmu

Moments of relaxation are known to limit unnecessary energy consumption. In the hectic and unpredictable environment that is a residential home, it can sometimes be difficult for residents to find their own balance.

By making inmus available to residents at specific or spontaneous times, you can prevent or control certain episodes of stress and agitation. Indeed, inmu’s multi-sensory elements – from its pleasant texture to its reassuring music and gentle vibrations – align perfectly with the axis of relaxation and will have the effect of keeping your residents grounded for longer. With inmu in their hands, seniors will have a concrete, tangible point of reference on which to channel their emotions..

The availability of inmu in your institutions can have a relaxing effect on the seniors and so:

  • Reducing stress (or experiencing it differently);
  • Reducing physical tension;
  • Improving overall temperament;
  • Regulating the heart and the arterial health.

4. Socialization

Personalized gatherings with a hint of inmu

As time goes by, an individual’s opportunities for socialization become spaced out over time. Moving from a hectic working environment, to a well-earned retirement, and eventually to retirement homes, may have its advantages, but it often leads to isolation. People who were once sufficiently autonomous to socialize, are often no longer able to get around on their own to do so, to communicate when they want to get together, to choose the people they want to get together with, and finally, to decide which activity they want to take part in.

By integrating inmu into gathering moments, you offer your residents a no-fail experience in a friendly atmosphere created by a warm multisensory experience. With inmu, your seniors can choose to enjoy an active or quiet moment, discovering or sharing, listening or conversing. It’s a wonderful tool for initiating socialization without imposing rigid constraints.

Integrating inmu into gathering moments will have the effect of:

  • Encourage connection through music, words or the simple presence of others;
  • Respect personal limits of openness to others;
  • Offer a personalized socialization experience.

5. Movement

Reward movement and multiply it with the magic of inmu

Movement is crucial to overall well-being, especially among the seniors. While physical activity keeps them in shape longer, movement as part of a routine has a far greater impact than that. Indeed, movement limits exposure to injury, offers faster physical recovery, maintains and increases seniors’ autonomy in many daily tasks, slows the development of certain cognitive disorders and boosts self-esteem.

By using inmu in daily exercise, you can offer your residents activities where movement is immediately rewarded with magical sounds and vibrations. Whether they’re sitting, standing or lying down, your residents will love inmu and enjoy the benefits of physical activity. As long as the activity is beneficial, encourage them to keep going! What’s more, inmu’s sturdiness makes it resistant to falls, ensuring peace of mind when seniors handle it.

By using inmu in your physical activities, you offer seniors the opportunity to:

  • Initiate more active moments;
  • Find the motivation to move for a longer period of time;
  • Associate movement with pleasure and dissociate it from the task.

6. Communication

inmu to project voice beyond words

Communication is a complex, two-way process that requires the willingness of all parties involved to participate. It can be found everywhere: even in the longest silences. For older people in residential care, this can be a real challenge, especially when they are uncomfortable expressing themselves, cognitively impaired or non-verbal.

By using inmu with your seniors, for whom communication is more difficult, you offer them a way of feeling listened to and of communicating in other ways than words. You restore the proper functioning of a communication process that requires the active participation of both sender and receiver. Whether they react with their eyes, facial expressions, noises, posture, words or distance from you, your residents will be able to express themselves more easily. A response from you as simple as a touch on their back with inmu or the expression of reciprocal communication will make all the difference to them. Regular use of this sensory tool also helps seniors to refocus on themselves and regain awareness of their surroundings. The inmu interactive cushion offers a gentle, musical approach to help users regain a sense of well-being.

The use of inmu in the context of communication allows seniors to:

  • Feeling listened to and considered;
  • Take their own place and express themselves;
  • Create bonds with others;
  • Share a common experience around musical notes.