Obie Q&A

For more information on the Obie projector, download the Operation Guide and the Installation Manual.

When I first opened my Obie device, it took a few minutes to open. Is this normal?

This is normal. Your Obie device may take up to 15 minutes to activate for the first time.

How do I adjust the projection to fit the table, the wall and the floor?

When installing Obie, adjust the projection manually using the rollers on Obie, before selecting the “Continue” button. Select the “settings” button from the main menu. In the “playmode” section, choose the mode you want (table, wall or floor). Select the desired playmode. If the projection is inclined, adjust it to the surface when you are finished and click on “calibrate”.

How to connect the Obie projector to the Internet?

Internet is not required to access your games. If you want to update or add new games in the future, you will need to connect to the Internet.

Select a network from the list and enter a password if necessary. It is best to connect your device to the Internet via a physical Ethernet cable. The device will skip this step if it is already connected.

Is it necessary to update my Obie device?

Your Obie device does not require any update to work properly. If a new version is ever available, we will contact you directly to update it together.

The main purpose of the update is to add new games, if you ever purchase any. You will not get any update notifications if Obie is not connected to the Internet.

Do I have to calibrate my device every time I change game modes (table, floor, wall)?  

Each game mode requires you to physically set the camera and mirror to a specific configuration. Your device will need to calibrate its motion sensor once you select a game mode. If necessary, readjust the projection using the options displayed before selecting the “Calibrate” button. Stand back and make sure the projection area is clear of obstructions during calibration.

For more information on calibration, download the Operation Guide.

Is it possible to create custom playlists?

You need to add the games to one or more playlists from your library. The library for each mode has all the games available, depending on the mode. For example, some games can be played on the table, but not on the floor. This is why the libraries for each mode are different. Please note that the “General” playlist cannot be renamed or deleted.

To create a new playlist, select “Playlist” from the main menu and click the “Add” icon with the “OK” button on your remote. Edit the settings for the new playlist before selecting the “Save” button to continue. Select the “Done” button once you have adjusted the settings.

How do I add games to my new playlist?

Sélectionnez certains jeux directement dans votre liste de lecture ” Générale” . Pour ajouter un jeu, cliquez sur l’icône avec un signe ” + ” . Il sera ajouté à votre nouvelle liste de lecture. Pour ajouter un jeu dans une autre liste de lecture, n’oubliez pas de changer de liste de lecture.

Is it possible to disable the sounds?

Yes, games can have different setting options, such as turning the sound effects on or off, starting at a later stage or choosing a difficulty level. It is possible to disable the sounds, by adjusting the volume level.

Some games also have their own settings. You can view and adjust them by selecting the “Game Settings” icon in the main menu. A game in multiple playlists may have different settings in each playlist.

Select “Apply” when you are finished to return to the playlist. Selecting “Cancel” will exit this screen and reset any changes you have made.

Can I adjust the levels of the games to suit the abilities of my residents?

Yes! One of the differentiating features of the Obie projector is that many games have different difficulty levels. When you select a playlist, click on the game settings icon. Depending on the game, you can choose from four difficulty levels.

I would like to be able to choose when the Obie projector is turned on. Is it possible to program schedules?

Yes! You can create multiple schedules based on the times you want the projector to open and close and the specific days of that schedule. For example, you can decide that your projector is open from Monday to Friday, from 8am to 4pm.

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