Obie, the #1 interactive projector in Canada

OThe Obie is more than just an interactive projector. It’s an entertaining and stimulating solution specially designed for your residents living with cognitive impairments. Its versatility and simplicity make it an exceptional tool, either on a table, wall or floor. Each surface is transformed into a captivating playground for your seniors! Offering a variety of colourful, adapted games, Obie provides an exciting, immersive experience, even for residents with macular degeneration. Known for improving the quality of life of sedentary seniors, Obie promotes engagement and socialisation without additional supervision from healthcare staff.

Compact projector with plenty to offer


Obie is a community projector designed to entertain up to 6 player at the same time. You’ll love the way it helps your residents share and connect. It can also be a great activity when your seniors’ loved ones visit!


No more long hours spent on disinfecting with Obie. No matter the surface, a simple wipe will do the job. You can also take advantage of the flexible projection area to welcome more residents while maintaining their well-being and avoiding any feelings of loneliness.


Both physical activity and mental stimulation are crucial to maintaining cognitive function. Thanks to Obie, your residents can interact with a variety of activities by extending their arms, touching or tapping with their feet. This innovative solution makes it easy to be active even when you’re sitting down!


To meet every senior’s needs, various games are available to help them enjoy all the benefits of cognitive stimulation. The games include colouring activities, interactive bingo, musical games and word games. Each game offers a stimulating, fail-proof experience.


Setting up the Obie interactive projector means you can manage your opening times easily – all you have to do is set the opening hours you prefer. And programming play times requires nothing more than pressing the remote control buttons! This will be a great time saver, and give your seniors a stronger sense of independence.


The Obie projector is a versatile solution designed to meet each resident’s specific needs. You can use it to project onto the floor, a wall or a table, creating an immersive and colourful experience. Plus, you’ll appreciate being able to create lists of games and adjust the level of difficulty according to your residents’ abilities.

Obie : you have to see it to believe it!

Résidence Diamond Care House – A solution that brings people together

Résidence Life Care – Stimulating seniors with Obie

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Games adapted to your seniors’ abilities.

Featuring over 60 included games, Obie is the perfect solution to keep your residents engaged and entertained. This high-tech interactive projector offers a wide selection of games with various themes. Dozens of entertainment options will keep your seniors stimulated and focused at the same time! Encourage your residents with macular degeneration to join in our activities too. The vibrant colours may surprise them… and you too!

Find out more about the 4 difficulty levels and how to adapt the experience to your residents’ abilities.

Advanced technology designed to make your life easier

Mobile Stand

Drop Ceiling Kit

Obie comes with essential components: a ceiling base and an extension. For a discreet and versatile solution that maximizes space, opt for the Drop Ceiling Installation Kit.

However, if you need to move your projector from one room to another, the mobile stand with wheels will make it easy to transport. The integrated motor ensures effortless height adjustment too!

Obie in a few figures


play modes

+ 60

interactive games adapted for your seniors


Users showed an improvement of their cognitive abilities

+15 000

projectors have already conquered the hearts of various establishments around the world!

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