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Our focus: the well-being of all children

Make your mark with our range of technological solutions focused on children’s well-being. While our BEAM and Obie projectors open the door to interactive playgrounds with their precise projections and highly responsive integrated motion sensors, the inmu interactive cushion, in its three versions, transports you either to a world of relaxation, stimulation or dynamism. Whichever solution you choose: well-being and discovery will be at the heart of the experience!

Innovative and fun therapeutic tools


An adaptive and interactive projector that offers the versatility of wall, floor or table projection. Choose Obie to create a gaming area that fits your space!


An interactive projector with amazing brightness for precise, large-area projection on the floor. Choose BEAM to wow kids with a larger-than-life tablet experience!


A multisensory cushion in which music and vibrations combine to let children escape noisy environments. Perfect to relieve anxiety in stressful situations.

Turn-key solutions for every business

Kids Entertainment

Are you in the business of keeping kids active and entertained? BEAM is a staple of all major entertainment centres in Canada.

If you want to create a safe sensory space for overwhelmed kids, learn more about inmuRELAX.


In need of germ-free activites that makes waiting fun? Explore Obie for your waiting room or clinic!

Seeking a non-pharmaceutical anxiety-relief option? Discover inmuRELAX & inmuJOY


Looking for technology to teach kids while keeping them engaged and active? Yes please! Check out EyeWiz: Coming soon to Canada!

Help kids manage their emotions and concentrate with inmuRELAX, inmuJOY and inmuRHYTHM.

Exciting indoor activities for all ages

Create an indoor playground that adapts to your space! With access to over 100 interactive games, kids never get bored and keep wanting more. We offer the perfect solution for waiting rooms, indoor play centres, shopping centres, daycares, and so much more!

Teachers, be on the lookout for our latest creation: EyeWiz (coming to Canada this year)!

Obie projecteur de jeux interactif
inmuJOY favorise le retour au calme

Sooth anxiety with sensory stimulation

Sometimes, we need help to feel calm and safe. With its soft cuddly cover, relaxing music, and soothing vibrations, the inmu cushions help manage stressful situations, while also making them more enjoyable.

Perfect for medical procedures (dental appointments, daily care), noisy environments (stadiums, school, etc), sensory rooms, and so much more.

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