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Grand-Parents’ Day

3 No-fail Activity Ideas for Grand-parents and their Grand-kids

Family is the most precious part of our lives. While we celebrate Grand-Parents’ Day, our thoughts go to those who only have one wish: having the pleasure of spending time with their grand-children!

The problem is that many people feel uncomfortable during visits, they feel inadequate or useless and don’t understand well their role as a family or friend. When conversations fall flat, they often feel they don’t know what else to do during visits. And then the visits become less and less frequent. The solution: leveraging the power of play to bring families back together!

When families visit their loved one, invite them to partake in an activity, a simple game or a walk. The language of fun is universal! Through it, it’s possible to breakthrough the awkwardness, the discomfort or the silence.
Here are a few suggestions:

Do an adapted puzzle together.
Tray puzzles are perfect for seniors living with cognitive impairment. The tray provides the images to replicate in gray tones to make it easier to succeed. Bonus, this also make these puzzles great for grand-kids to participate! Families can also use the pictures as conversation starters. See our selection of adapted puzzles:

Explore their creative side.
Finding an activity suitable for both kids and seniors can be a challenge. Favor arts and crafts projects for fun without the fear of failure. Colouring books are also a great way to connect over beautiful pictures both kids and grand-parents will love. See the following example:

Discover a world of sensory stimulations
Sensory products encourage socialisation and communication around the experience. One of these products is a big success with both seniors and kids: Orbeez water-coloured beads. Pour them in a large bowl and let the magic happen! They can be press them, squish them, roll them in between their finger. The possibilities are limitless!
Looking for more intergenerational activity ideas? Stay tuned! CDS Boutique is launching a project designed to help families get back together to create new meaningful moments.