The multisensory interactive cushion to awaken the senses

What is an inmu?

The inmu is a sensory stimulation tool that combines music and tactile stimulation. Intuitive, you simply need to pick up or touch inmu to activate its benefits, making it easily accessible to people living with cognitive impairments. The keywords are DIGNITY – TRUST – INTERACTION.

Under its simple appearance, this multisensory interactive cushion leverages the power of artificial intelligence to create a unique sensory experience at each use. Give your residents the possibility of creating and feeling the music!

For motor, musical & sensory stimulation!

Music is at the center of the inmu experience. Besides, the name of this incredible tool originated from in-teractive mu-sic.
Because each person has different needs, or may have different requirements from one day to the other, inmu is available in 4 different models with very distinct characteristics. You can easily identify these models by their unique covers!

Each item can be placed intuitively in the user’s hand.
The different textures and pockets will stimulate the sense of touch. It’s the perfect tool for creating gentle contact.

The music only plays when you touch or move the inmu. Thanks to its tactile sensors, the inmu responds to touch. It is an interactive and intelligent tool.

More than 3000 random sounds are available. The will change depending on the movement that the user creates! When you put it down or fall asleep, the music slowly becomes silent.

One tool with many benefits!

In order to feel the benefits of your inmu, put it on your chest, hold it in your arms, and let the music and vibrations bring you the desired relaxation.

As a multi-sensory tool, the covers have been designed to be additional tools that are pleasant to handle. The touch stimulation is naturally solicited as the fingers instinctively move around the fabric.  

Why use an inmu?

The Inmu can be a tool to support and assist in medical care, to give a sense of comfort, to help sleep, and for sensory stimulation. It is an innovative therapeutic cushion!
There are a lot of possibilities and activities to do to experience all the benefits of this sensory cushion.

Although using inmu can be intimidating at first, it is essential to understand that sometimes you will have to be patient to get your special needs users to accept inmu. It is an object that requires a trusting collaboration between the user and the caregiver.

For every inmu, there’s a different experience!


Suitable for people living with cognitive impairment and stress. It helps to reduce agitation, bring a sense of cam and reduce sleep problems.

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 It translates touch and movement into music (1960s and Bossa Nova music) and soft vibrations. Perfect to for movement therapy.

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Adapts to energy level. The extreme softness makes it a silky and comforting pillow. Stimulating and pleasant textures

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Perfect to encourage physical activity. By creating percussions with every move, it creates an urge to move.

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Some important factors that will make a difference:

  • It’s a therapeutic and sensory tool that can be used every day.
  • Small and easy to carry around.
  • Very resistant, it is a cushion designed to resist spontaneous and nonvoluntary movement. It can be thrown, users can stand on it, kick it, etc.
  • Ready to be used, once charged the inm u only needs to be picked up to start spreading its magic!
  • An inmu can typically be used for 2-3 weeks before running low on battery.
  • Of course, you can remove the cover and wash it for hygienic reasons. But it is important to put the cover back on before using the inmu. (You will find more details about washing on the product page.)

Are you interested in purchasing one or more inmu?

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