The multisensory interactive cushion to awaken the senses

Discover inmu, a revolutionary multisensory technological tool designed to offer a unique experience to users. Designed to bring well-being to people living with cognitive impairments, inmu is more than just a cushion. It allows seniors to interact with those around them and connect with reality. Using inmu, care staff experience greater fulfilment, leading to better retention rates. The values ​​of this sensory tool are DIGNITY, CONFIDENCE, and CONTACT.

Behind its thoughtful design lies advanced technology. Inmu contains a central core housing a computer with artificial intelligence.

inmu is a surprising tool capable of improving the quality of life for your residents.

The multisensory cushion that will change your daily life!


inmu’s soothing vibrations and gentle music reduce sleep-related frustrations and promote relaxation to provide quality sleep.

Ideal for your residents, living with or without cognitive impairment, who have difficulty falling asleep.


inmu’s sensory stimulation elements are perfect for gently diverting a patient’s attention and calming them during caregiving.

Ideal for anxious residents living with or without cognitive impairment.


inmu is a great tool for preventing stress or agitation in residents, as it allows them to channel excess emotion and stay grounded to something concrete.

Ideal for anxious residents living with or without cognitive impairment.


The intriguing aspect of inmu will attract the attention of your residents and be at the center of beautiful shared moments of discovery, exchange and listening.

Ideal for your shy residents, living with or without cognitive disorders, who have more difficulty integrating.


The magical sound reward offered by inmu with each movement motivates residents to move, whether sitting, standing or lying down.

Ideal for your residents, living with or without cognitive impairment, who are not very active or quickly become demotivated.


When words are less accessible, inmu is a good tool for stimulating conversation and establishing effective contact with less verbal residents.

Ideal for shy or non-verbal residents, with or without cognitive impairment.

Immerse yourself in the inmu universe





Music at the heart of the inmu experience

Studies have proven the effects of music on the brain. From the moment we are born, music is everywhere, the heartbeat being the first rhythm we perceive. So it’s fascinating to see the benefits that music can bring to seniors living with neurocognitive impairment.

inmu provides an innovative solution that stimulates the brain directly. With movement, this stimulation sparks neuronal connections, improving well-being. In this video, Danish neuropedagogue Peter Thybo explores the impact of music on the brain and its therapeutic potential.

Inspiring success stories with inmu

Anne’s story – Living with inmuDANCE everyday

Annelise’s story – Relax and bond with inmuRELAX

Save 400$ when you buy a set of 4 inmu!

Get our different sets of 4 inmu now!

During activities, it is recommended to bring multiple inmu to ensure residents can take full possession of them. This approach can not only enhance the well-being and inclusion of the residents but also minimize the possibility of any frustration. To meet as many needs as possible, we offer 6 different sets of 4 inmu, including the discovery set, the inmuRELAX set and the inmuRELAX-inmuDANCE set.

Not sure which set is best suited to your residents’ needs? Our representatives are here to help!

Care Home Innovates to Prevent Caregiver Stress

At Lillevang Care Home, an innovative approach has been adopted to limit stress and minimize sick leave. They have experienced significant difficulties in recruiting and retaining staff. However, over the past 9 months, they implemented a project that resulted in improved staff well-being and job satisfaction.
This initiative allows staff members to pause during their busy workdays. Incorporating mindfulness practices, they engage in 2-3 weekly sessions using inmuRELAX sensory cushions.

Compare the inmu


Easy to use

Contains over 300 sounds

Meditative music and wave sounds

Awakens the senses

Helps people wake up more relaxed

Promotes sleep

Helps with relaxation

Promotes care acceptance

Allow users make a contact

Available in 3 shades


Easy to use

Music full of surprises

Xylophone, wave and rainstick sounds

Features an integrated chew

Helps users connect to themselves

Promotes sleep

Include to facilitate the return to calm

Promotes socialisation

Can be used alone or in groups during motor skills activities


Easy to use

Rhythmic & energic music

Percussion, bells and maracas sounds

Helps focus for kids with ADHD

Can be used for group activities or alone

Activates the body and mind

Include during motor skills activities

Help self-awareness.

Rhythm soothes the nerves


Easy to use

Perfect for dancing

Xylophone, bass, guitar and percussion sounds

Promotes mouvement

Promotes communication and socialisation

Can be used for group activities or alone

Can be used as a distraction

Allows users to create a connection through movement

Cheerful mood

An inmu for every part of the day

Wake up your resident gently with inmuRELAX


To help your residents accept care, use inmu inmuRELAX or inmuJOY


Get seniors moving to the rhythm of bossa nova with inmuDANCE!


Plan stimulating and social activities with inmuRHYTHM.


Let your residents enjoy meaningful moments of calm and softness with inmuRELAX or inmuJOY.


Bedtimes can be tricky for some seniors. Allow them to enjoy a moment of peace and quiet with inmuRELAX.


inmu in a few figures


weeks of autonomy


different versions


pieces of music that change with your movements


users have seen positive results in their daily lives. Clic here to read the studies.

Discover the science behind inmu!

Behind inmu lie numerous studies backed by science and concrete results. The results show that inmu improves the quality of life of people living with Alzheimer’s and other neurocognitive diseases. Find out more on the inmuTouch website.

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