Turn any place into a virtual playground!

Discover the Interactive
Game Projector BEAM!

BEAM is the first device of its kind that allows learning through fun. Children can discover, explore and interact with others. BEAM helps improve brain development and fine motor skills. This interactive game projector makes entertainment dynamic, hygienic, educational, and above all, fun!

Why choose BEAM?

This interactive projector allows children to be engaged, physically
active, but most importantly, to have fun!



BEAM allows children to develop their motor skills through interactive, movement-activated games that involve the whole body.



The activities projected on the floor allow several players to interact with each other simultaneously. Fun for all ages!



The BEAM system can be used on any flat surface. It is also possible to project on the wall or on a table.



The floor projector is an easy and unique way to have fun! In addition to requiring no objects, BEAM is a germ-free system that needs no disinfection.

Transform Children’Universe Through Interactive Sensory Play!

No matter what sector you’re in, interactive technology makes every moment memorable.

Adapted games for everyone!

BEAM has 100 integrated games that can be adapted to the needs of all clienteles, from children with disabilities to those who are more independent, thanks to their four levels of difficulty.

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