Our mission

At CDS Boutique, we are committed to offering our customers a wide range of products to stimulate and help them on a daily basis, according to their desires and expectations. “Providing a better quality of life” is our purpose! This phrase is extremely meaningful to us, especially when we are looking for products that are suitable for our various clientele with or without special needs, as well as for caregivers and professionals.

Something new at CDS!

With the objective of constantly innovating, we are adding a new product to our technological offering. Our mission to improve the quality of life for all seniors through recreation is once again strengthened with the addition of Obie’s state-of-the-art technology. Our sensory interactive game projector revolutionizes the world of therapeutic play by combining physical activity, cognitive and sensory stimulation and the joy of being together. Obie meets the needs of all seniors, whether they are living with a cognitive impairment or are fully independent. The pleasure of spending quality time with their family, connecting with their grandchildren over a game or watching them have fun is good for their overall wellbeing! This is why we are proud to support Obie in Canada.

About Us

CDS Boutique’s (Concept du Sablier) exciting adventure began in 1992, when Marie-France Dozois decided to combine her creative spirit, her taste for entrepreneurship and her motivation to improve the quality of life of the elderly living in nursing homes.

Over the years, Marie-France has developed her skills and knowledge thanks to her field experience and the various training courses she has taken in Canada, Europe and the United States. She has succeeded in establishing her place in this niche market by developing various partnerships, especially with institutions caring for autonomous seniors as well as seniors with loss of autonomy. She has also focused on helping people with Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

Noting the lack of adapted games available for this particular clientele, Marie-France has created exclusive CDS Boutique products in order to meet their needs, such as The Tender Loving Care Doll, the adapted MEMO Digital Clock-Calendar, cognitive stimulation games, displays and adapted signs.

In addition to our products for therapeutic and physical activity, we offer products for reminiscence, fine motor skills, memory care, mobility, aids for daily living, active life, indoor adapted signage, adapted leisure, sensory stimulation, music, arts and crafts and many more! CDS rapidly became one of the main senior therapeutic activity resource providers in Canada.

Being open to comments and requests, we have always been able to remain up-to-date by offering innovative and different products, but also by adding products aimed at a new clientele: autonomous youth with special needs (hyperactivity, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, intellectual disabilities, language difficulties, etc.), their parents and the professionals who take care of them. We also offer a wide range of educational toys and games for all children! We are proud to provide children with products that will help them take a step further in their quest for autonomy.

CDS the resource for adapted products, for autonomous seniors or those with a loss of autonomy.

Over time, we have come to serve different clientele. Children and teenagers, for whom we offer educational games and toys; families, thanks to our many intergenerational games and products; caregivers who look after a parent or a friend, and all the professionals in nursing homes and senior care centers, those working in kindergartens, schools and special education needs, rehabilitation centres, psychologists and occupational therapists, with whom we have forged partnerships almost 30 years!

In order to improve our offer, two years ago we opened our first shop in Sherbrooke and added a branch dedicated to childhood to the company. These new elements were wonderfully welcomed and we can witness daily the professional and human flourishing that emerges from them. We are extremely fortunate to offer tools for all people with special needs, whether they are children, adults or seniors.

More than ever, CDS Boutique focuses on innovation and variety in order to evolve and respond to a diverse clientele. We offer a wide selection of proprioception products, time management and sensory stimulation products and motor skills products. We are constantly on the lookout for new features to provide the best services and commodities for child development and seniors’ independence. We work in partnership with hundreds of famous Canadian, American and European businesses.

For example, it was in Australia, with the Alzheimer Society, that we made the successful discovery of the EDIE training, a unique, state-of-the-art immersive experience in virtual reality. The content of this conference allows participants to put themselves in the shoes of someone with Alzheimer’s disease in order to develop their empathy towards specific situations that are experienced every day. EDIE offers solutions to improve these daily situations that affect those afflicted by neurocognitive disorders. Our goal is to educate caregivers about this neurodegenerative disease. In just one year, more than 800 people from Quebec, Ontario and Alberta took part in the training. Participants underlined the relevance of this conference and emphasized their desire to perfect their working methods following the workshop.



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