Memory Case



37 x 42 x 5 cm

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Particularly adapted to prosthetic units or Alzheimer’s unit, this Memory Case replaces the door sign when a resident cannot read but can recognize pictures and objects from the past. Invite family members to get involved in the making of this Memory Case by donating significant objects from the house of their relative and old pictures that will bring comforting memories to mind.

The Memory Case is also the perfect way for residents to get acquainted with one another and helps caregivers find clues to start a conversation that will distract the person or make them feel more secure. For example, if a caregiver has to give a medical treatment to an anxious resident, talking to him or her about a personal fact taken from the Memory Case may calm down the resident and make this experience a lot more pleasant for everyone.

Made of Honey stained wood, this solid case has been improved to make it easier to manipulate the objects inside the case. All you have to do is lift the upper frame. The non-reflective window is attached to the frame so you have free access to the inside of the case. A security device is installed on top of the case to discourage curious residents. The interior is made of plastic covered with good quality burgundy corduroy fabric to maximize the contrast with pictures and paper.

You can put up the objects with mounting putty, pins or any other non permanent adhesive. The fabric can differ slighly depending on availability.

Size: 14½” X 16” X 2”.

Things you can put in the case:

  • The name and room number of the resident 
  • 3D objects (medal, trophy, etc.) 
  • Religious objects (statuette, rosary, holy images, etc.) 
  • Family pictures, artwork, etc.

Price to be determend depending on quatities!

Please contact us for a quote!

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