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Recreational Therapy During a Pandemic

Tough times really bring out the imagination and resourcefulness of humans.

Thanks to social media, different communities have shared their innovative ideas. It’s the case for caregiving professionals who truly doubled their efforts during these trying times because they care deeply about making our loved ones smile. They know just how important it is to have fun and they understand how essential it is during this worldwide pandemic.  
It only takes a few minutes on social media to grasp just how committed the caregiving staff is to our loved ones’ happiness.  
Colby Retirement Community workers took advantage of a snowstorm to provide smiles and laughter all around. They went outside and actually brought the snow back inside and placed it on cafeteria trays so that their residents could make different sculptures, snowballs, and snowmen with gloves. 
At the Résidence MemphréMagog, recreational therapists went into problem-solving mode. They put comfortable chairs in front of the residents’ doors so that they could comfortably sit on them. They then put a bingo cage on a cart and gave each resident a bingo card. They had bingo parties on each floor, every single one filled with joy.  
The staff at Continental Manor dressed up as reindeer and put up a few artificial trees in a large room. Then, they gave their residents Nerf-like guns. You can imagine that the residents’ mission was to “shoot” the reindeer through the obstacles. Needless to say, everyone ended up giggling and laughing uncontrollably! 
And that doesn’t include all the little things the caregiving staff does daily without being filmed. The walks that orderlies go on with our loved ones just to see their eyes light up. The visits at the chapel to soothe nervous residents. How every single member of the staff uses technology to help families and friends spend quality time with their loved ones, and so much more. The pandemic has shown us just how resourceful and ingenious the caregiving staff is, and we will never thank them enough.