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Free Activities – Summer is here!

Celebrate the warm weather with our summer-themed activities!

Free Activities – Hockey Fever 2022

Bring back your residents' best field hockey memories!

Free Activities – Easter 2022

Celebrate the beginning of spring with our free Easter themed activity booklet!

Free Activities – Maple Syrup Season 2022

When we think of sugar shack season, many happy memories come to mind! Celebrate these traditions with your residents with…

Favourite activities to keep residents entertained! (Part 1)

It's always great to get good ideas! Several recreation specialists have shared with us activities that their residents enjoy. Need…

10 reasons to choose music

Studies show that music is a powerful stimulant for the brain, both emotionally and cognitively. This explains why music is…

Free Activities – March 2022

Reminiscence, sensory stimulation and memory activities! Celebrate Irish culture with us! For St. Patrick’s Day, we are offering a free…

Recreational Therapy During a Pandemic

Tough times really bring out the imagination and resourcefulness of humans. Thanks to social media, different communities have shared their…

A Different and Loving Christmas in Care Homes

With the holidays approaching, every family is making plans, shopping for gifts and it’s thrilling! Unfortunately, for many people such…

Alzheimer’s Disease, Beyond Statistics

January is Alzheimer's Awareness Month. During these 31 days, the Alzheimer societies make great efforts to raise awareness among the…

Free Activities – April 2020